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Car Turntables offer solutions to parking problems

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How a Car Turntable from Spin-It can solve
your parking and accessibility problems

Car Turntables offer solutions to parking problems

It is always desirable to drive a vehicle in and out of a property in a foreword gear, however, in many circumstances, there is not enough driveway space to safely maneuver a Car to allow this.

How can a car turntable solve this problem?

By spinning your vehicle on a turntable you can minimize the driveway space you need, maximum use of the limited space available and avoid damage to your vehicle. Perfect for new and existing driveways and garages.

Drive In ->> Spin-It <<- Drive Out

Is it dangerous for you to reverse out of your driveway, because you live on a busy road, blind bend, have back strain or limited mobility for instance?

With a SPIN-IT car turntable you can easily turn your car 180 degrees in your garage or on your driveway, enabling you to safely and easily enter the road in a forward direction.

A revolving solution for any location
SPIN-IT designs and manufactures turntables for interior and exterior settings: from a tight driveway to large underground parking garages; car showrooms and vehicle preparation centres to exhibitions, displays and much more.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, hear what Edd China thinks…

Fully integrated remote control

Low power consumption

Spins in both directions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SPIN-IT make the car turntables itself?

We design and manufacture all car turntable components in-house at our facilities in Nantwich, Cheshire, UK. We are proud of our ‘Built in Britain’ heritage. We’re involved with the entire process: from design and manufacture to installation and service.

Who takes care of the installation of my car turntable or Photo Studio?

We will install your turntable or Photo Studio for you.  It is important you ensure that there is a power outlet nearby and that all groundworks are ready for the installation of the turntable. Following a discussion with you, you can also decide to install the turntable yourself.  We can provide you with all the necessary technical information to do so.

What kind of customer does SPIN-IT cater to?

Our turntables are sourced by home-owners; architects; housebuilders; car enthusiasts; the motor industry; designers and event organisers to solve parking problems and create eye-catching displays.

We manufacture and deliver the turntable and will gladly work with your builder, architect or interior designer to incorporate the turntable in to your space.

What does a turntable cost?

The price of a turntable depends on a number of factors, including size, finish and control of the turntable. After an initial consultation we will send you a quotation for your consideration. We know that sometimes we need to tweak our quotation but one thing we can guarantee is we will listen to what you want and advise the most appropriate solution. Once you are happy with the quotation, we will request a deposit so that your turntable can be put in to manufacture.

When can I expect delivery of my order?

Orders are generally delivered between 6 – 8 weeks* once deposit has been received.

* dependent on building works

What kind of warranty does SPIN-IT offer?

At SPIN-IT quality and reliability are paramount. We are confident our turntables will give you many years of efficient and trouble-free service.
All our turntable packages include industry-leading warranties. Depending on your choice of installer, the intended use and your location we have a warranty to suit your requirements.

Extended Warranty and Preventative Maintenance Plans
In addition to our standard inclusive Warranty SPIN-IT offers you the option to extend your Warranty and further protect your investment with one of our Preventative Maintenance Plans.

SPIN-IT Warranty and Extended Warranty and Preventative Maintenance Plans are fully transferable.

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